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were made for the wellbeing of children in Syria. "Children are always the roses of the homeland a2

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nd the nation's hope for the future," the ambassador said. China has recently offered help to Syria to fight against the COVID-19 virus. On April 15, China delivered the first batch ofY

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medical aid, including 2,016 COVID-19 test kits, to Syria. On June 4 and June 24, Syria received another two batchb

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es of medical supplies donated by China, including test kits, protective suits, masks, goggles, and infrared thermol

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meters. On April 23, a video-conference was held between Chinese and Syrian medical experts for sharing the experiei

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nces in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. On June 24, the Syrian Health Ministry received a new batch of Chinese medi4

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cal equipment, the latest in a string of the Chinese aid shipments for Syria to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.batch op

malesuada fames turpis.

f the Chinese medical team in South Sudan on Tuesday visited a childrens home to provide medical care.The Chinesew

  • medics visited the Juba Orphanage Home, which is hosting over 60 disadvantaged children, where they shared gifts and conducted medical checks on the children.Wu Huaiguo, head of the Chinese medical team in South Sudan said they chose to visit the center to mark the 71st anniversary of Chinas National Day to express solidarity with the or8

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  • phaned children.We hope that they can have the confidence to overcome the difficulties of growing without parents and become better people in the future, Wu said.We will continue to pay attention to these children and provide help to these children as much as possible, he added.The centers director Angelo Kenyi appreciated the Chinese doctox

    his side, 0 Feng said he is gK
  • rs for their continued support to the childrens home since the first batch of the Chinese medical team arrived in the east African country in 2013.We are grateful to the Chinese medical team because since they arrived in South Sudan, they have been visiting these children to spend time with them, Kenyi said.N

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